Dedication Page

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The Broken Tower is dedicated to the memory of Brennan Joseph Dekeersgieter, beloved brother and son.



8 responses to “Dedication Page

  1. Wonderful idea for a blog, I continue to avidly peruse all of the poets mentioned in your blog, having studied modernism for many years and working my way through all movements it was inspired by and inspired. I am so pleased to see Manley Hopkins on your blog, one of the most underrated English poets, for many are unaware of his sprung genius. I look forward to numerous conversations regarding our shared admiration of such marvellous poets.

    • danielpaulmarshall, thank you for your comments! Modernism and its poetic tradition is a wonderful and rewarding thing to study. Hopkins is indeed underrated, hopefully some will come to appreciate him through here. I will have more posts on him and his poetry in the future.

      I look forward to discussing things with you, too! Hope you’re well.

      • Yes to all. I look forward to reading your unborn posts in, I hope, a not too distant future. I will also have more Berryman posts as soon as I find more Dream Songs that are, ironically, about dreams specifically. Unfortunately for me, Berryman wrote his Dream Songs as though they were more lucid or hallucinatory, I want to focus first on interpretation of dreams that Henry has or people intrude upon Henry, as his daughter does.

        I hope your health is in tip-top shape also.


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to the leisure that will allow me to read all of the wonderful things you’ve written about all of these titans of literature.

  3. To hear someone’s voice through the din of one’s own screaming is amazing to recognize.
    Thank You for raising a timbre that cut through it.

  4. The world needs more poetry.

  5. So beautiful. I too lost my brother.

  6. I love this. Your appreciation of words makes me happy.


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